4 Ways to Stay Connected to Customers During COVID

The holidays tend to be a busy time of year for all industries. The pressure to meet fourth-quarter goals partnered with the obligation to keep up with family holiday festivities can put a serious strain on our time management skills. Then, to top it off, 2020 has brought about COVID. As a result, men and women worldwide are challenged with meeting numerous demands while staying connected to their clients! Unfortunately, the latter often falls to the waste side.

This trade-off can be detrimental to your 2021 business plan! So, to help ensure you stay on top of your business and remain connected with your customers this season, we have compiled a list of four sure-fire ways you can stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds. Whether you are an investor, business owner, or real estate agent, these simple yet unique ideas can help you progress into a prosperous 2021.

1 – Keep A Social Media Presence

First and foremost, be sure to maintain a strong social media presence. Developing an effective marketing plan for 2021. This won’t only help keep your PR campaign going, but it will also help you stay on your customers’ minds. The average US adult spends more than two hours per day on social media. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

The Importance of Diversity

Of course, you should be sure to keep your social media presence diverse – Your primary goal should not just be to promote your brand, but instead to identify yourself as a valuable resource. Consider sharing information about current market trends, community events, and important news – Your diverse platform and ability to provide quality content will keep you attractive to your audience.

2 – Send A Personalized Gift

Sending a client a gift during the holidays is the best way to let them know that you are thinking about them. However, what you send will depend on your client and your relationship.

At Topside Real Estate, we like to focus on promoting quality, reputable brands that we want to be associated with. Some of our favorites include Yeti, Traeger, Peloton, and Patagonia. You can always consider sending alcohol, too, but be careful. The type and quality each client prefers can vary, and unless you know what they like, selecting the correct option can be difficult.

What about a card?

Additionally, always include a card, but keep your card business-free. Furthermore, don’t rehash the hardships of 2020 in your holiday message – Your clients have had enough of that from the news and inundation of emails they receive from businesses!

3 – Buy Your Clients a Dinner

Californians have had a rough year in the dining world – Ongoing government restrictions are continuously preventing us from enjoying typical in-dining experiences. While we all want to remain safe during these precarious months, the closures have made it more difficult than ever to invite customers to annual holiday gatherings.

To combat this challenge yet stay present in our clients’ lives, we as a team have redirected our efforts to providing dinner for our clients in the comfort of their home – By either ordering dinner to their house (which we schedule in advance) or by sending a gift card. This way, we can offer our clients their annual dinner without asking them to meet and defy state closures.

Support Local Business

We have even focused on sending dinners and gift cards strictly from local businesses. By doing this, we are not only connecting with our customers but also supporting the local businesses that keep our markets healthy.

Remember the saying, those who break bread together and drink together, stay together…? Well, we believe this philosophy applies to business as well. And although we cannot sit down directly with our clients, we can remind them of those past times we had and ensure them that we intend to maintain that relationship in the future.

4 – Schedule A Virtual Happy Hour

Those who want a bit more interaction with their customers but need to remain physically distant can schedule a virtual happy hour. Whether you want to participate in a happy hour business call or simply organize it for entertainment reasons, a virtual happy hour can allow you to have that one-on-one time with your client you may have spent much of 2020 missing out on.

If you want to take things one step further, try sending them a cocktail of their choice! This is a fun and unique way to bring the holiday spirit into your business.

Whether you choose to send a gift, schedule a virtual happy hour, or implement an idea of your own, the one common theme should remain the same: During such an unprecedented year, filled with shutdowns, economic hardships, political unrest, and concerns for public health, your gift should be focused on bringing joy to your customer and showing them that you are not merely interested in closing business with them, but instead building a lasting relationship that can prove to be beneficial to both parties!

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