Eric Paulsen

CEO, Lic # 01001040

I have been in the commercial real estate business since 1988 employed as a financial analyst, investment sales agent, acquisition/disposition officer and CEO.

Throughout my career, I have bought, sold, brokered, auctioned, and/or asset managed over $10B in commercial real estate assets across the nation in every product type, in addition to helping raise $1.25B for a development fund. I had a lot of fun doing it too. I enjoyed the people, the challenges, and the entire experience.

But in every case, I worked for a firm that was either a public company or owned by private equity where the goal was not necessarily to provide the best service or product, but to grow the bottom line. Most decisions were for short term economics and typically did not do any favors for the employees, the asset, nor the client, and that is where I want Topside to make a difference.

Topside Real Estate will be a client and employee focused service provider reinvesting the majority of its revenue back into its people and resources. We want to help our clients maximize the value and efficiency of their real estate holdings, and we want our associates to maximize their earnings and growth potential. Life is too short. We want to create an environment that is service oriented, supportive, successful and have fun while doing it.

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