15501 Red Hill Ave Tustin, CA

Property Highlight: 15501 Red Hill Ave | Tustin, CA


Are you in the market for a prime commercial real estate investment?


Look no further than 15501 Red Hill Avenue.  Located in the thriving city of Tustin, California, 15501 Red Hill Ave offers an unparalleled opportunity for companies and their owners seeking a prime commercial real estate property.  With its strategic location, modern amenities, and ample space, this property is an ideal choice for owners or users looking to expand or establish their presence in the area.

Investment Potential of an Owner/User Mixed-Use Space

15501 Red Hill Ave boasts versatile features that cater to a wide range of businesses.  With ample square footage and customizable spaces it offers flexibility for various industry sectors such as technology, engineering, life-sciences, warehouse, textiles and food-service.

The layout and design of the property can be tailored to accommodate specific business needs, whether it’s industrial or R&D space.

The property’s adaptable nature ensures that it can evolve alongside your business requirements. Serving as an owner-user commercial real estate investment, 15501 Red Hill Avenue presents an opportunity for businesses to build equity with control over their operational headquarters. 

By owning the property instead of leasing, business owners benefit from long-term cost savings, tax advantages, and a potential for property appreciation in value.  In addition, ownership fosters an environment of security and permanence in brand and business establishment, especially within the local market.

Tustin, CA

This property is situated in the heart of a vibrant community, providing easy access to major highways, public transportation, and other essential services.  The property’s central location makes it an attractive option for businesses seeking to tap into the area’s growth potential and attract a wide range of clientele.  It is across the street from the master planned Tustin legacy development which is in the process of developing new homes, retail and commercial uses to amplify property value in the future.

Tustin, is home to a strong economy and skilled workforce, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to diversify and develop their operations. With numerous Fortune 500 companies, a diverse range of industries in the area, alongside ample room for growth and expansion, 15501 Red Hill Avenue offers an excellent opportunity for you or your business to tap into this thriving market.

Additional Building Highlights:

  • Located centrally in Orange County, CA off of the 55 freeway
  • Prominent signage on the corner of Red Hill Avenue and Valencia
  • 24′. high ceilings in warehouse
  • Above standard power

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